The Look Films – Cinema Twins, together with its representatives André and Marcos de Castro, have been working with incentive laws since 2010.

They provide consultancy to several clients. The Ribeirão Preto Book and Reading Foundation, TPC – Teatro Popular de Comédia (Popular Comedy Theater), Viola Show Produções de Eventos (Viola Show Productions and Events) Queima do Alho and Ribeirão Country Fest 2016 (Garlic Burn and Ribeirão Country Fest 2016), band: Kilotones (who have already performed on the world stage of Rock in Rio 2017, Lollapalooza and João Rock), 163 Films, Grattitude Films, Oficina Viva (Living Workshop), Casa da Memória Italiana (Italian Memory Home), Vovó Cachola Theater Company… are some of our clients.

Ribeirão Country Fest 2016

Ribeirão Country Fest 2016

19ª feira internacional do livro

19th international book fair

Due to this great knowledge and development/planning in culture incentive laws (from registration to accountability), they developed the course Caminhos da Cultura (Culture Paths) alongside SESC-RP, where they teach step by step of the whole process of laws to encourage culture in Brazil in a relaxed way.

Many of the students have their projects approved, funded and in the execution phase.

In providing services in terms of incentive laws, The Cinema Twins offers:

1- Elaboration of the complete project;
2- Financial Management and/or management consultancy;
3- Preparation of accountability (goals and financial);
4- Consultancy in issuing invoices;
5- Consultancy in agency (fundraising).

Ps. The Cinema Twins does not carry out the raising of funds. However, they have become experts in the subject of incentive laws and always follow the projects they are hired for step by step. If you want to request a quote, send a message in the “contact” tab.

Below are the links to some testimonials from students of the Caminhos da Cultura (Culture Paths) course, always in partnership with SESC.

André de Castro is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and executive producer.
Marcos de Castro is a director, screenwriter, producer, and editor.

The Cinema Twins have a ‘culture point’ called MOVIE TRUCK, which promotes the audiovisual production chain in the interior of São Paulo.

They are also the directors of the CINE FÓRUM association, with the title of OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) that works with culture and education.